25 Responses to How My Health Crisis Became an Identity Crisis

  1. There are no accidents. The Universe is always at work. Going thru so many of the same things right now and then this fucking brilliant, amazing, eye-opening, profound post! Wow wow wow!!!!

  2. You have to idea how much this resonates with me. Social media is a major source of self doubt and agony for me on a regular basis, when it’s supposed to be about sharing with friends and keeping connections. So happy to have reconnected with you via Instagram and so happy to know I’ll be hearing more of your story. I miss you!

    • I’m so happy you randomly stumbled across me one day! Social media is a nasty, double-edged sword. On the one hand, I’ve met some really cool, inspiring people and I’m able to share my message with other people who get it. On the other, well, it’s a death trap for comparison.

      I read some of your awesome blog today, and it sounds like we’re both on the same page regarding career uncertainty. I totally get THAT, too! Let’s just keep following our little hearts and see what happens. Miss you, too. Wish we could go buy produce together or hang out at the botanic garden!

  3. I’m so proud of your commitment to yourself Holly. SO proud. Your honesty will be an inspiration to many, no matter the direction you take. It’s an honour to be your coach and see you take responsibility for your growth!

  4. Oh my GAWWWWWWD do I ever relate to all of the above! Growth and change is hella scary and frustrating and weird, but finally feeling aligned and in tune with yourself is the best reward there is 🙂 You’re doing awesome!!

    P.S. David’ Bowie’s “Changes” is on the radio as I write this. How’s that for a sign?!

  5. Holly you are inspiring me right now! Great way to just get out there…congrats on you restarting and developing yourself and your future!

  6. Holly! I only just found your blog today 9-21-2016) and I LOVE it! The way you write and share your thoughts resonates well with me. I feel almost like I’m “talking” with a kindred spirit. Thank you for sharing!
    Our journeys are different with some similarities.
    I found your blog after googling (because that’s a verb now…) ” what we eat and depression” ….it was there amidst others.
    I have been feeling unmotivated, tired, and now achy and have a sweet 4 month old to care for …adopted and a dream come true for me at the young age of 40. 😉 and I want very much to change my habits to be stronger physically and mentally for her and for myself. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you had a very hard beginning, and I’m proud of you for owning your “now”. I need to own my “now” too.

    • Hi Brennan,

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. Congrats on the new baby girl — that’s so amazing and special. I know it’s very common for the stress of new motherhood to cause these sorts of issues (even if she is not your biological daughter). What’s great is that you’ve already found your WHY — it’s her! Now, when you are working on creating healthier habits, you can always have her smiling sweetly at you in the back of your mind. Best of luck to you, and I know you can do anything you set your mind to.


  7. I just found your blog and it inspired me to start Whole30. I love this post because it shows that nothing is a miracle, fix everything thing. It is very real and I appreciate you sharing that. Fingers crossed for the next 20 days. 🙂

    • Hi Mallory,

      Thank you! I am wishing you all the best with Whole30! It’s a fantastic program. And yes, I do like to keep it real around here. 🙂

  8. I found your blog through Empowered Sustenance. Thank you for your beautiful posts! Discovering Paleo has been a big part of the healing shifts I’ve also experienced in the last few years, and it’s very helpful to read what you’ve shared. I would also like to share these two audiobooks that I listen to on my commute 🙂 Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth,” which you might enjoy, too. Best wishes to you, and thank you again for your posts.

  9. Hell yes! Freaking love this! I am finally getting around to poking around your blog after I discovered you from Empowered Sustanence – I kind of did this all backwards, i.e. consultation first, then reading your blog, lol.

    This situation sounds a lot like mine – I have even neglected the majority of my relationships because I’m surround by people who “revere their own religion/opinions while condemning others’.” (is that how you put it?) I’m not a fake person but I’d rather not initiate conflict by statement my opposing opinion which will be attacked (no matter how respectful I am about THEIR opinion). This has left me in relative isolation, realizing I need to make new friends that hold similar beliefs. I’m happy for you and this post has helped me realize that I want/need to do something similar. Tou are an amazing spirit and inspiration!

      • Good to hear from you, Nicole! I’m happy this post resonated with you. Thanks for your kind words. Whether it’s crappy food or crappy people, there’s nothing wrong with pressing the “BYE FELICIA” button, or at the very least, keeping your distance until the next obligatory holiday rolls around.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story and your new life with us
    You are blessed!

    I would like to know who helped you tapered from antidepressants?

    Thank you

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