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Nutrition for Mental Health and Reiki Energy Healing

I healed severe depression and anxiety by combining nutritional therapy and energy work. Now, I’m thrilled to offer both of these services to my clients.

Nutrition for Mental Health

Learn more about Nutrition for Mental Health, which uses dietary adjustments, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle support to help you feel better mentally and physically.

Reiki Energy Healing

Learn more about Reiki Energy Healing, which is a gentle, hands-on energy healing method that can help you calm panic, anxiousness, and sadness without having to discuss your painful memories.

Combination Packages

For clients local to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I offer packages that combine nutrition and Reiki. This is how I healed my own mood issues, and it is an incredibly powerful approach. Click on the links above for more details, or contact me to schedule your free consultation.

Holly Higgins, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner
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